The Broker Advantage

There are several ways you can buy insurance; through your bank, an insurance agent (AMA, All State, State Farm, the Co-operators), from the insurance company directly, or through an independent insurance broker.

The banks, insurance agents, and insurance companies represent their own product. They sell insurance for one company – their own.

Instead of one company, an independent broker represents a number of different insurance companies, typically eight to ten. A-WIN Insurance Lethbridge currently represents a growing list of over 30+ companies and specialty markets.

Our role as A-WIN insurance brokers is to explore your situation, identify the risks you face, compare policies of the companies we represent and give you our professional recommendations, advice and guidance. Together with you, we will then determine what best fits your budget and provides the coverage you need.

Insurance is a significant investment that costs hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars a year. We conduct regular reviews to best protect that investment and ensure you understand the coverage you have and that you continue to receive the best protection at the best price.

It is your best interest that we represent.


As a member of the Insurance Brokers Association of Alberta, A-WIN Insurance commits, whole heartedly to the Customer Service Pledge for each and every client we serve:

We pledge – to always place your interests ahead of our insurance companies’ and our own.

We pledge – to always recommend the best insurance product for your individual circumstances.

We pledge – to recommend the insurer that provides the best coverage for your unique needs.

We pledge – that if you would like to know, we will share the performance agreement, if one exists, from the insurer we selected for you..

We pledge – to immediately inform you of a potential conflict of interest.

We pledge – to safeguard your personal information and allow it to be used only for the purpose it was given to us and as required by law.