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It’s Time For A Change

Perhaps you don’t know who your insurance broker is anymore and you want a trusted professional taking care of you.

Maybe you have unanswered questions about your coverage and you want clear and simple answers in a language you understand.

Or you want to have a second opinion on insurance rates and what is included in your coverage.

Whatever the reason, when it feels like it is time for a change we make it easy at A-WIN Insurance – Lethbridge.

  1. Simply scan us a copy of your current policy to, or fax us at (403) 394-1124.
  1. We’ll contact you with any additional information we may need to do a comparative review.
  1. Our team of professionals will review your current coverage, let you know if you are either over or under insured, and tell you if when is the best time to switch (sometimes it is right now sometimes it makes sense to wait – but we’ll track it anyways so you don’t have to).
  1. Our ‘apples-to-apple’s quote will compare your coverage with the numerous insurance companies we represent and we’ll inform you of any recommendations we have.
  1. We stay in touch with you. We’ll conduct regular reviews and keep on top of any changes happening that may affect your insurance. We’ll ensure you understand your coverage and provide you with the highest level of service. Truly ‘A-WIN’ for you – our valued client.